Beneath a Winter Moon
By Shawson M Hebert
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The Book
 The soft, often comical, “post-modern” werewolves of Hollywood and Teen Fantasy are left behind as the author returns to tradition.
   “Werewolves are cursed men who choose to live side-by-side with their beasts, ultimately forsaking their humanity.
   These beasts are not boys who change into German Shepherds on a whim, nor are they groups of men who form armies of werewolf soldiers who are looking for social justice for the bad treatment received at the hands of other creatures of the night.
    Finally, werewolves are not insta-morphing teens who are out to hunt sparkly vampires in broad daylight.
   Werewolves are men who have forsaken their very souls to live out their nights as the beast.” Shawson M Hebert
Beneath a Winter Moon is about the curse of the werewolf, the failure of man to rid himself of the beast, and the struggle for survival of its would-be victims once they accept certain truths...

...that the monster under your bed is real and the things that go bump in the night are indeed those terrible creatures born from stories of old combined with new imagination...

...and that man himself is just as often the harbinger of death as he is the knight in shining armor.